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  • two_wheeler Intelligent and responsive tax form closely mimic CRA tax forms to increase productivity.
  • two_wheeler Built-in return manager shows status of returns at a glance without the need of database installation.
  • two_wheeler Full set of CRA T1 EFile online services, including AFR, Express NOA, T1013, T1134, T1135, T1 return, PAD and ReFILE.
  • two_wheeler Various tax planners to help user greatly optimize tax return.


  • directions_car Powerful tax software can easily handle different tax situations supported by CRA EFILE service. For instance, self-employment income/deductions, rental income/deductions, capital gain/loss, unlimited number of tax slips (T3, T4, T5, etc.), and much more.
  • directions_car Support federal return and all provincial and territorial returns with the following exclusions:
    * Provincial Quebec TP-1 returns
    * Electronic transmission of Special Elections & Returns - Forms T217, T2057, T2059, and UHT2900
  • directions_car Support form T2203, Provincial and Territorial Taxes - Multiple Jurisdictions.
  • directions_car Integrated spousal tax return. Automatically split T3/T5 slips and stock/mutual funds transactions between spousal returns.
  • directions_car RRSP Planner, Split-Pension Planner, Medical Expenses Planner, Donations and Gifts Planner.
  • directions_car Tax-return-review for best accuracy
  • directions_car Carry forward
  • directions_car Add attachments to tax return.
  • directions_car Export/import rental and self-employment forms from one tax return to another.
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