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Does TaxFreeway Express only cost $99.95? Is there any additional cost?
Per product key cost $99.95 (plus tax) for a tax professional to prepare unlimited returns for current tax year and there is no additional cost. No additional cost for EFile and print. No restriction on income level. Product key is valid only for current tax year software release.
How can I obtain TaxFreeway Express product key?
After purchasing a product key for current tax year, you can sign in your TaxFreeway Express user account to get the product key for this tax year. You can then enable EFile and Print features in TaxFreeway Express with your product key.
What is the general procedure to tryout and purchase TaxFreeway Express 2023?
  • fiber_manual_record Free download TaxFreeway Express 2023 installer from our download page.
  • fiber_manual_record Install it on your computer to tryout. (EFile and Print features are not enabled.)
  • fiber_manual_record To purchase a product key for this tax year, click the Buy button at top-right corner at this website.
  • fiber_manual_record Click the User button at the top-right corner, sign in to get your product key. Use the key to enable EFile and Print features.